Losing sight of the light…

Hellooooooo fellow readers ! 

I believe It’s been a year, and I sure missed blogging. My soul has been hankering to speak up, about several issues, but there was always something else on the way that kept me from transcribing its words. I actually took a break from academic work to write this short piece, and I have to admit that I was inspired by the encouraging comment of a new subscriber 🙂 

A lot has happened from my last post : I went Home for an internship in a field that I love (food security), started my last semester in graduate school, met wonderful people, and followed my own advice from my last post. Can you guess what it is ? yes ! I gave love another chance ! But that’s a story for another day 😉

As I mentioned above, I am completing my last semester of grad school, and you can understand that this is my toughest and busiest semester. So closed to the finish line, yet so little motivation left to cross it. The last few steps are always the hardest, right?Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, completely submerged by the load of work awaiting me. Adding my daily dose of procrastination, the thought of giving up has crossed my mind a lot lately, more than it should have. Then, my soul comes to the rescue with a bunch of questions :

« how will you confront your mother ? You know she’ll be disappointed, right ? Is that what you want ? Are you seriously considering letting the money she’s worked so hard for to grant you the education you WANTED, go to waste ? Have you thought of this other student, who perhaps deserved it more than you do, whom you’ve taken the spot in this academic program ? … »

Continuing my education, in this particular program, in this particular country, in this particular university, is what I desired and prayed for, two years ago. However, it’s always so appealing to opt for the easiest and shortest road I call  “Quitters’ Boulevard”.This path is a pitfall and leads nowhere concrete. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to change the course of the destination along the way, as long as the goal is reached in the end. The following story helped me refocus and hopefully will help you as well, if you’re dealing with this issue.

The other day, someone shared one of his biggest regrets with me, which was, not completing his Information Technology degree. He had already acquired a degree in management, but was so passionate about IT that he enrolled in the program. He had only about a year of courses left when he was offered a full-time then dream job, so he accepted it, hoping to get back to that IT degree in the future. Years passed, and the responsibilities and commitments multiplied, restraining him from switching his hope to reality. Today, he still didn’t obtain this degree and he feels limited in the job market with the opportunities he could aim for, had he completed the program. Until now, remorse haunts him down religiously.

His story fueled me with courage and determination to keep going and get that Master’s degree. Who wants to be a prisoner of regrets all his/her life ? Surely not me, and nor should it be you! As the academic year is coming to an end, you may have or may know someone who is struggling with these insane thoughts. If you are in the same situation as the man in the story, it’s not too late to make a U-turn. Even in your personal and professional life, obstacles will come, disguised under different forms; don’t ever settle for what appears to be the easiest road. Breakdown? Use other means to continue the road. Get lost a few times, recalculate your route, but never lose sight of your goals ! It may take you longer than expected, but it’s okay. Stay focused and arm yourself with strength to reach your destination, your dreams. 

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”. Aristotle Onassis

Keep me in your prayers and until next time ! ❤ 

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo



OMG! it’s been soooooooo long! I’ve been so busy with the end of the semester and exams. Now I’m free until August (more exams -__-). It may sound weird but I’ve missed you guys! I missed sharing my thoughts and feelings with you… Anyways, I don’t really know how this post will turn out but I just feel like pouring my soul out to you soulbings!

So, lately I’ve been feeling kind of melancholic. I miss home, I miss my family, my friends, and a special friend I had grown quite fond of… But fear made me put an end to our relationship. Fear of letting myself go too far, fear of nonreciprocal feelings on his side, of being “friendzoned”… But cutting him off was not the hardest. What hurt the most was realizing that he didn’t even try to keep me in his life. Let me get it clear. I didn’t do it for him to actually beg me to stay. It wasn’t until a few days after, when re-reading our last conversation that it hit me. I realized that i maybe had given him too much space in my life that he probably didn’t deserve. However, i also wonder. What if… What if I didn’t worry so much? What if I allowed myself to loosen up? What if I’m ready… to give Love another try? Unfortunately, I will never know the answers to these questions because I didn’t allow the relationship to grow further. Perhaps, it was a good decision, perhaps I spared myself a heartbreak; but there’s still this hole filled with so many question marks, with so much uncertainty. Now all I can do is [try to] leave “us” behind and forget! [Anyone knows where I can get amnesia pills?]

Deep down, my soul is telling me that it was for the best, that the person was not ready for what I THOUGHT I wanted, and that I, myself, was probably not ready either. It whispers that i still need to work on myself and break down the high and thick walls guarding my heart. I need to enjoy my own company fully, before involving someone else into my mess. I was starting to lose my focus, so I need to work on gaining my stability back while restoring my personal relationship with God. I know it will be a slow journey but I’m excited to tell you all about the progress.

And to you guys i will say, lower your guards a little and give love another chance. After all, “fall seven times, stand up eight”. I know this post is kinda going in many directions  (lol) but I guess It reflects the instability and confusion in my life lately. I promise to be more steady in the next one! 

With love…

It wasn’t a matter if I loved you, It was a matter if you fought and stayed.

R.G. Moon

The Power of Forgiveness

Hello dear eFriends,

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Today I will share with you my thoughts and experience on forgiveness. It follows my post about the chains [check it out if you haven’t read it yet], as an unforgiving heart can indeed suffocate one’s soul. However, unlike what you may expect, this post is NOT about forgiving others, but forgiving YOURSELF. Yes! Self-forgiveness is extremely important and people tend to ignore it. If you are a Christian, you’ve been taught, since your childhood, that one of the greatest commandments is to love and forgive your brothers in Christ, as your Father forgives you your sins. But what about yourself? Sometimes it’s harder to forgive your own self than forgiving someone else. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about since I’ve personally dealt with this issue until last year, exactly a year ago.

So, there was this person whom I did wrong. At this time, I was an immature 19-year-old, and that day, I acted on my emotions, without really thinking. I’ve wished I could erase this day for nearly 3 years. At that moment in time, I didn’t even think of the consequences my action would generate. I didn’t think of how it would affect the person, and even less of how it would affect ME. I didn’t realize the significance of my action until a few days later, and the guilt haunted my mind and my soul for years. I’ve felt horrible for hurting someone whom I thought I loved and whom I thought loved me, someone who didn’t deserve to be treated this way, someone who used to put me on a pedestal and would put his hand on fire to defend my dignity, someone who treated me like a princess. How could I have been so ungrateful? I humbled myself and asked for his forgiveness, thinking my letter of apology would be enough to solve the problem, to erase what I had done, but it wasn’t that simple. I had crushed a trust that was impossible to get back, but I was hoping I could. I bent down, putting my ego and pride aside, and would accept anything from that person because I thought I deserved it. I went from being Baroness [if you know my last name and my old facebook username you’ll get this] to Cendrillon real quick, because I wanted to be forgiven. The person, normally sweet and easygoing, became so bitter and careless; and that, I could not forgive myself for. This change in character and attitude may not have had anything to do with me, but I blamed myself for it.

After this incident, trying to fill this void, I started acting unlike how I would normally act. Besides, I was battling with self-esteem and social acceptance issues, so no need to tell you more! I was searching for a sort of comfort, something that could uplift me as well as my worth, and get rid of the guilt, but in the wrong places. Little did I know, that I was getting engulfed deeper in the hole; this hole of guilt, self-shame and deception. As the years were passing by, the emptiness kept expanded, and the weight of what I had done to that person became heavier, until I decided to stop it from destroying my soul.

One Sunday, I got up and decided to go to church to ask the Lord to forgive me everything I had been doing that I was not proud of, and to repent. As a Catholic, I was taught that the best way to do that is to confess your sins to a priest; but that was a no-no for me. So I took a piece of paper and wrote everything that’s been disturbing my peace. After the service, I stayed alone in the church so I could leave the confession letter on the altar. Before doing so, I decided to read it out loud and gosh! It was one of my most painful experiences. As I was reading it, I started crying my ass eyes off. I didn’t know where the tears came from but they flooded my face, for a while. That’s when I became aware of the immensity of my problem. I always thought I needed that person’s forgiveness, when what i really needed was forgiveness from my own SELF; forgiveness for what I had done, not only to him, but also to myself. After all, I did sincerely apologize and there was nothing more I could do to have him grant me this gift: the gift of forgiveness… After letting everything out, I felt so much lighter; and a sudden joy filled my heart. [That was the chains finally falling down, just so you know!] I continued to pray that God opens the person’s heart to forgive me, but until then, I was [am] at peace with myself. I am no longer bound to the guilt and shame, not only because I know that God “BEEN” forgiving me, but because I was able to forgive myself. I used to regret some mistakes I’ve made but not anymore, because I have learned and grown from each of them.

So to you, my dear readers, don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve had a messy past; we’ve all been there. Learn to let go and to forgive yourself, because the longer you stay attached to your past and mistakes, the longer it will take you to move forward. If you’re not really “into” God, write a letter to yourself. Whatever it is. It can be as simple as failing a class for procrastinating, or feeling like you have deceived your parents, for instance. Pour it out. It is then that you’ll start healing. Remember that YOU ARE NOT your mistakes or your failures. Leave them behind you. Don’t let them define you and direct the next steps of your journey. View life as a school where mistakes are daily lessons. Your homework is to learn [from] them to pass the challenge [the exam], thus the class. So whether you will pass the class and move to a higher one, or stay in that same class for years, is really up to you. You can use (self-)forgiveness as an asset to help you pass the class [that’s not cheating btw] 😉

And to that person, if you’re reading this and know that it’s you, I hope you have forgiven me like I’ve been praying for. If you have not yet, I want you to do it, not for me, but for YOURSELF. I am not asking you to forget, nor to resume our relationship, but I’m asking you to let go of that weight that’s holding you back. Put the heavy load down and start living freely again!

I hope you enjoyed the read and are inspired. Until next time Soulblings! 😘

Take a walk through the garden of forgiveness and pick a flower of forgiveness for everything you have ever done. When you get to that time that is now, make a full and total forgiveness of your entire life and smile at the bouquet in your hands because it truly is beautiful. 
― Stephen Richards

I didn’t go to church for Easter, so what?

Hello Luvies,

I was planning on writing about something else, going in the same direction as my last post, but change of plan! I’ll leave it for my next one. So yesterday, I spent the morning and early afternoon in my in my bed. Yeah, I didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday, the day of Christ’s Resurrection. [Shame!] When I saw everyone, on all my social media accounts, from twitter to Instagram to Snapchat bragging about going to church [some of them tweeting during the service 🐸 *sips tea*], I started feeling bad [slightly]. Then, my best friend was so surprised when I told her I didn’t go, that I almost wished I had lied. And to make things worst, when my mom called me, the first thing she asked me was if I went to church. When I said “no” she gave me her Catholic-values’ speech. I then lied, and said I was kidding [I was not on the mood for that long ass speech]. I spent the night thinking about it and what I probably should have [respectfully] answered [continue reading below].

Here’s the thing. Have I gone to church today, it probably wouldn’t have changed anything. I would [probably] come back home the same way I left. My spiritual life has been a mess for the past months. It’s been so wavy. I have been struggling to stay focus and anchored. I continually pray about it, and some days I would feel that genuine desire to study the Scripture and to worship; some other days, that desire was just not there. I did feel bad for distancing myself from God, but that was about it; like I put Him on standby, because after all, he is not going anywhere, is He? So yeah, I didn’t feel ready to go and I would feel like a hypocrite if I went. I didn’t want to go just because it’s a yearly routine, or because it “feels right”. Going would have been like crucifying Him once again. After all, don’t we crucify Him each time we sin; these sins which He died for? His LOVE, through the Resurrection, should not only be celebrated once a year, based on a set calendar, but EVERY SINGLE DAY! Therefore, don’t worry! I won’t have to wait another year to make it up to Him. Whether I decide to celebrate His love tomorrow, next Sunday, or in two months, it will be like Sunday April 5th 2015, as long as I do it with MY ALL, WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

I bet you her jaws would drop, huh? What would she probably reply to that? She would probably be proud too, I hope. Anyways, if you were in the same boat as me, the “Easter-Non-Church-Goers’ Boat”, it’s okay. If you are a Christian, no need to start feeling like you’re the worst person Earth, or that God will love you less than that one who actually woke up and went to church, that He won’t bless you anymore, or that He’s waiting for that day when you’re gonna call Him for help so He could pull up the “payback mother-Effer” game on you, like we, human beings, would do. Instead, He is patiently waiting on you to make the step and go to Him with an open heart. I hope that day will come sooner than later!

Have a blessed week!

PS: Come back for my next post before the end of this week 🙂



These chains are breakable…

Hello Soulblings,

It’s been a little while right? I’ve been caught up in that show “House of Card” on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, I encourage you to give it a shot. It basically depicts the realities of the political environment, turning the protagonist into a real beast [enter worst definition of word “beast” here]. Anyways, enough with the review. Today I will write about a subject that’s been on my mind for a little while, and that I think many can relate.

So, the other night, as I was listening to that song entitled “Break Every Chain”, I started thinking and praying about my own chains. I knew that my mind was definitely the heaviest chain, but the other two that rang in my head were “insecurity” and “laziness/procrastination.” I realized how these two things were indeed tying me up and holding me down. Why was it hard for me to publicize my blog? Why did everything else seem more appealing every time I thought about writing a post? While I will not dwell much on the second one, I will share my thoughts on the first.

Insecurity is a fear. In this case, it’s the fear of not being good enough. It’s the fear of not being appreciated, of being rejected for our work and/or opinion. And what does that fear do to us? It isolates us. It convinces us that settling for the least is okay. It makes us chant that popular Haitian expression that says “Rather be ugly, but there (alive)” [Pito nou lèd, nou la], which translates a sense of pity and resignation. It stops us from stepping up for ourselves because we do not believe in our own potential, and throws us in the hole of self-distrust. If we let it blossom inside of us, it will interfere in every area of our lives and restrain us from being what we’re destined to be and living our purpose. Laziness/procrastination can be as dangerous but I believe it is more tractable.

I kept my blog secret because my mind was telling me that my opinions don’t matter, that I don’t write well enough, that no one would be interested in what I have to share, that Lady Laziness would come along and restrain me from keeping the blog active. Many times I heard it [my mind] asking what the hell I was thinking, creating this blog. However, deep down, there was that little voice [my soul I presume] telling me to keep going, that my posts could not please every single person, but assuring me that it would at least be beneficial to one person, and that person is MYSELF. It gently asked me to stop caring so much about what people would think and to start giving more value to my own well being. Writing helps me to express myself better and to relieve my mind from its insane thoughts. You’re probably thinking “well, that’s what diaries are for” [see, I overthink so much lol]. Well, this blog is my therapy to overcome my insecurities, while touching a few people one way or another. It is my way of taking control and breaking these chains [and why do i always feel the need to justify my actions? smh]

So what are your chains? What is stopping you from doing what you love? What is blocking you from being healthier (mentally and physically) and projecting a better version of YOURSELF? It can be your mind, it can be someone, something, an addiction, but whatever it is, know that YOU hold the key of the padlock; YOU hold the power to the break these chains. Just follow the voice of your soul, and allow The Almighty to fuel you.

So let loose! Liberate yourself! Break the chains! Do more than just exist or be alive, choose to LIVE… FREELY!

Happy Easter and until next time! [hopefully no other show will kidnap me :p]

Hugs and Kisses!

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even knew we had the key…


The REAL meaning of “BEAUTIFUL”…

Beautiful… B-YOU-T-FULL… Sounds like “Be YOU [to] The Fullest” to me. Here’s a definition, the simplest and shortest you’ll probably ever see, from Barron‘s [that’s my last name btw] dictionary:

Beautiful: (adj.) YOU. Example: take a look in the mirror and you’ll find the perfect one. 😉 

There may be several definitions for this word, but in the end, it’s the meaning that YOU give to it that matters. Whether you have a slimmer or a bigger body, have a darker or a lighter epidermis, have longer or shorter, kinkier or straighter hair, have longer or shorter legs, or have a particularity that makes you physically “different” [I’d rather say UNIQUE or SPECIAL] than others, which they call “handicap”, you have probably dealt with beauty issues. You haven’t only faced society’s take on the subject, but also your own thoughts, which can be the death of you.

I invite you to grab some popcorn and enjoy the brief exchange below, between the Mind and the Soul of a young lady on this topic.


Look at you, eating your salad, wheat bread, Greek yogurt, like you don’t need a few pounds and some extra flesh to cover your bones. Why do you even go to the gym for? Don’t you feel weird when you go there, with your toothpick-looking body? What do you have to burn anyways? You must want to disappear, huh? People will obviously see that you go just to check the men out. You’re doing it in the name of Health right? Pfff… Great alibi!

Now let’s take another point. When will you finally grow fully? Do you realize you’re not yet a woman? 22-years-old and NO BOOBS! You can say “adiós” to these nice backless trendy dresses. Plus, most guys like breast, so while you’re at it, say “hasta la vista” to a relationship also. At least if you had a BUTT to compensate this lack. Talking ‘bout “laughing my ass off (lmao)”, which ass? Oh and let’s not forget your tiny little crab legs that a man can contour with just one hand. Girl, you’re in some deep shxt! You’re tall and skinny. You are mainly good for picking mangoes off trees, and as dogs’ food since these animals love bones. Real men like their women thick and curvy.

Now let’s take a break on the body. Why in the world did you cut your hair short, like your flat-screen-TV-body doesn’t look enough like a man’s. No guy would want to date a girl that reminds him of himself. They like girls with long and “good” hair. Overall, why did you have to look like you father? Your mother is so beautiful, yet you had to take your father’s flat nose, alien-shaped head, and tiny eyes. And the cherry on the cake, you love to laugh, but you forgot how ugly your teeth look. You can only blame yourself on this one, for messing them up while sucking your thumb for nearly 15 years. It unfortunately didn’t do justice to your mouth either, so don’t get mad in public because it’s not pretty to behold. If I were you, I’d try to hold my lips in, between my jaws, most of the time. Last but not least, puberty had to blow it for you with these acnes and blackheads on your face. Thank God for the inventor of makeup! A few layers of foundation and powder can hide these little sins of yours.

Anyways, I hope you’ll take into consideration my comments. It’s for your own good.


Honey, why do you let what others say get into your mind and haunt you continuously? Why is it so hard for you to believe me when I tell you how beautiful you are with no makeup, with your bald head, your almost-Asian eyes and your “flat” nose? They form such a beautiful combination. If only you believed me when I told you how many people’s days this smile of yours has brightened. Did you mean no boobs, or just SMALL boobs? And no ass? How are you able to sit then? You just have a little booty that suits your body perfectly well. I could not picture you with any more or less. That’s how The Creator designed you, and you must embrace every piece of it. Imagine taking your time to build something with love, and the person you give it to, the new owner, doesn’t appreciate it. The person spends so much time looking for what he/she thinks that makes it so imperfect that he/she doesn’t even bother to mention anything positive about it. Are you aware of the impact these thoughts have not only on you, but also on your Creator, and the beautiful people who gave you life? How disrespectful are you to them, thinking that they have not done a good job on their masterpiece, on their “mini-self”? How will it make you you feel in the future [hopefully this won’t happen] knowing that your daughter thinks the exact same way, that it’s YOUR fault that she’s “ugly”?

You don’t need a certain type of clothes, a certain look, or a certain amount of makeup to prove to people how beautiful you are, and how wrong they are about you. The amount of “followers” you have on Instagram doesn’t define YOU, nor does the amount of “likes” you have under your pictures. Of course, I have to admit that it may boost your self-confidence a little, but it should not mainly come down to that. In fact, that should come in second plan, like a little toping. The filters on your pictures do not add to nor take from your beauty. It’s cool to play with your pictures and edit them a little, but it should not be because you think they ADD to your gorgeousness or MAKE you beautiful. I’m putting the accent less on the action but more on the motive behind the action.

Just be YOURSELF! Let it not be about THEM, about impressing THEM, but about YOU! So many times you wanted to do something but were afraid of what people would say or not say, how they would react. You would spend days and nights overthinking, while you could save those times to concentrate on more productive activities and on more sleep [everybody loves some sleep right?] You don’t realize that while doing so, you take away from YOUR OWN happiness and add another pile of stress that you do not need to be dealing with. It’s so important that you feel beautiful on your own, instead of depending on people’s compliments, because at some point, I know you have been craving them so much that you felt some kind of emptiness. Know that people will NEVER be able to satisfy this void, so might as well learn to embrace your UNIQUENESS and to compliment yourself.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman with her confidence at a 100, a woman that is HERSELF to the FULLEST. Also, since when did beauty revolve around one’s ability to get men, or to get into a relationship? Plus, there’s no such thing as a “real” man. He’s either one or he’s not; he’s either a BOY, a MALE CREATURE or a MAN. And trust me, a MAN looks deeper than just your cover. He looks for me, your soul. Only when he finds me that he’ll know for sure he has found you; and when he does, and realize how much I please him, he will go nowhere. Because don’t forget, your body changes over time, while I will remain the same. So relax, and work on getting to know me and listening to my voice rather than your mind. Life can be so much simpler! You’ll thank me later.

There are so many articles connecting beauty with slim-body ladies, but guess what? These slim ladies don’t always feel beautiful in their body. Which gets us to agree on the fact that beauty comes from within and until we deeply seek it, we will never discover its face. So go on, put your pirate suit on, it’s hunting time! 😛

Hope this post talked to you in some way. If it did not, it’s okay. Hopefully these videos/songs will do! 🙂

[PS: No quotes for today]

Until next time, Beauties! 😘

Soul who?

S     elf

O    riginal

U    nique

L     ife

As controversial as this word may seem, many theorists have agreed on the fact that the human soul does exist, and that it forms a team with the spirit and the body. Even in the Bible, these three words are distinguished on several accounts. From what I have read and learned so far, my own understanding and personal judgment, I can affirm that these parts of the human being are intrinsically connected. The soul is the intersection of the spirit and the body. It might be confused with the spirit but I believe the latter has more to do with the human being’s relation with a higher power [in my case, that would be the Christian Holy Trinity], whereas the former has to do with the human being’s own self and intellect. The soul gives life to the human body which could not function properly without it. It is unique to each individual, like the human being’s signature brand.

When I think of the soul, I think of that “thing” that is deeper than the mind, and from which it [the mind] derives. However, the stubbornness of the mind, which releases the thoughts and emotions, that are products of the environment, clogs the soul’s voice. We, human beings, let our mind gain too much control over us. This is why we are so unstable and life seems so complicated. We let our thoughts submerge our mind and imprison our soul. But what we seem to ignore is that we do hold the power to break these chains. All we need to do is find our soul, free it, and learn to listen to it [I’ll touch this point in the future]. After all, unlike the mind, the soul is steady, so why not let it feed our mind and let it guide us?

Until next time, Soulblings! 😘 [I always wanted siblings 👭👫]

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Me, MySoul, and I …

If you’re reading this… CONGRATULATIONS! THANK YOU and WELCOME! I’m pretty sure there is plenty of other interesting stuff you could be doing, or websites you could be wandering around. Yet, you chose to stop by and give my eWorld [aka blog] a shot. I want you to know that I greatly appreciate it and value your time. This post is just a little introduction of who I am and what you should expect from this [my] blog. Yeah, I know that’s what the “About” page is for, but aren’t customs supposed to be broken? [Well, at least some ;)]

So, before you MeetMySoul, you might need to know a little about me first. I am a 23-year-old Haitian girl woman who loves the Universe and its Creator, whom I like to call God. I graduated from Caldwell University with a BA in Political Science and Sociology, and am currently pursuing a MA in Population and Development Sciences at Université Libre de Bruxelles. From the birthday wishes  and long messages I received on my birthday last week [yes I’m a pisces], people who KNOW me think that I’m nice [a little too much], sympathetic, and easygoing. They say that I don’t get mad easily and that I’m a bit too altruistic, that I tend to put people’s needs and happiness before mine. I now leave it to you to agree or disagree with their perception of “MOI” and to create your own, through my posts.

So, you might be wondering why I chose the word “soul”, right? Well, I sure am no philosopher or theologian [never really liked these courses anyway]. I perceive the soul as one’s inner advisor. Our soul, to me, is our wiser, truer self. It’s that little voice that we usually shut off for whatever reason it may be. Our soul, to me, is a better and purer version of ourselves. It’s that innocence that is still buried deep down within us. On that note, I somewhat concur with Rousseau’s assertion on human nature, and think that we, indeed, are born conceived “good”, but that our nature changes from our birth throughout our life. Okay, enough with the philosophy! All that is to tell you that my posts will voice my soul’s opinions and advices on a variety of subjects, from past or current experiences and stories that my friends, family members and I have been or are actors of, to just random spiritual topics.

Now that you have a sense of who I am and what this [my] blog is about, I hope it doesn’t drive you away. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and will keep coming back for more. Stay thirsty, my eFriends! 😀

Oh, and expect lots of quotes! [Ugh us girls/women and our quotes :p] Starting with this one:

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

Swami Vivekananda